Best Moments from Katy Perry’s Halftime Performance

Katy Perry made her grand entrance to the half time show of Super Bowl 49 with a “Roar.” In addition to riding in on a mechanical animal, the light show that accompanied her entrance was spectacular. When Katy came out in an outfit resembling fire, many fans of the Hunger Games instantly found irony in the situation. Later in the performance, Lenny Kravitz joined Katy. As some of you may know, Kravitz played the designer for District 12 in the Hunger Games trilogy who desgined Katniss’s famous “Girl on Fire” look.



The next outfit change was in to a beach ball inspired two piece, which was by FAR my favorite fashion moment of the Super Bowl. Although Katy performed wonderfully and rocked this outfit, I truly think that she may have been upstaged by her dancing sharks that were acting as back up dancers. They were absolutely hilarious!


Missy Elliot joined Katy for a section of the show and they performed Get Your Freak On, Work It, Loose Control. I am a little young to be a Missy Elliot fan, but I’ve been told her performance was a 90s girl’s dream.


Perry ended the show with one of her biggest hits Firework. She performed while flying high over the University of Phoenix Stadium. The performance ended with real fireworks lighting up the sky.


All in all, I thought Katy Perry put on a great show and was extremely entertaining. Comment below and let me know who you would like to see perform halftime at Superbowl 50.




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