Seventeen Social Club – L’Oreal Paris Summer Lights 

Hey y’all,

As part of my work with the Seventeen Social Club, I got to try L’Oreal Paris Summer Lights Hair Lightening Gelée. This hair lightening product is foolproof and super easy to apply. You can apply it to wet or dry hair and then all you have to do is blow dry your hair. You can apply all over for full lightening or you can apply sparingly around the roots for perfect highlights.   


I used the product once a week for four weeks. I applied it to wet hair and then blow dryed my hair. I ended up using the whole bottle over four weeks, but if your hair is shorter or thinner then you may use less. 

At the end of the four weeks I was absolutely in love with my results. I will admit I was a little nervous to dye my hair myself and to lighten it, but the product worked beautifully. My before and after is below. The first photo was taken at the beginning of the four weeks and the second one was taken at the end.  


I highly recommend L’Oreal Paris Summer Lights Hair Gelée. It worked wonderfully and definitely  exceeded my expectations.



8 thoughts on “Seventeen Social Club – L’Oreal Paris Summer Lights 

  1. Hi, your hair looks beautiful! I’ve been trying to decide if I want to try this product, never done this myself before, but I have similar hair color/length as yours and I love your results! Did you do the overall full lightening technique (did you apply all over the hair) or did you just do random roots to ends? Sorry, I’m a newbie at this and I hope that’s not a stupid question! Any tips/suggestions for use are appreciated, thanks so much!
    – Helena


    1. Hi Helena! Thanks so much for checking out my blog. For best results I would use an all over lightening technique and make sure to blow dry your hair. This process is gradual so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see results right away!


  2. Hi sorry one more question, did you comb out your wet hair straight before applying or did you just towel dry/run your fingers through it and apply to the tousled hair? Sorry, I’m just a bit nervous about the application! Thank you


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