Fall Bucket List – Lexxie Beckmeyer

Hello beautiful people of the Internet! My name’s Lexxie Beckmeyer, I’m a recent grad from Western Kentucky University (Go TOPS!) studying up on all things Advertising, Branding, and Internet. I’m currently living in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, working as an event planner, all while trying to learn how to “adult” one step at a time. I blog over at my personal site lexxiebeckmeyer.blogspot.com, where I share passions, obsessions, honesty hours, and lessons. If there’s a few things you need to know about me, it’s that I’m obsessed with my fur baby princess cat Izabella, Pinterest speaks to my soul (fill free to stalk), I’m a good cup of joe and quotes enthusiast, and J. Crew makes up half of my closet. Thank you to Samantha for allowing me this chance to guest blog, and remember… may your coffee be hot and your eyeliner be even.

Take long walks and hikes.

The fall months, especially where I’m from, are beautiful. Nothing beats all the colors of the fall, especially when Mother Nature provides them. I want to take advantage of that scenery this year, along with the cooler weather, and enjoy some of the best views of year, while getting some extra steps into my day!

Find the perfect pumpkin bread recipe.

I’ve been really in to exploring the kitchen and new recipes lately, and pumpkin bread is on the top of list of things I want to make. Many hours spent on Pinterest will be utilized.

Build up my sweater collection

These are some of my favorites for this season. Fall fashion is so fun and cozy.

Nasty Gal Just Female Carla Wool Poncho Sweater

Show Me Your Mumu Overtop Sweater:

Stock up on fall-scented candles

Bath & Body Works Flannel

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Cheesecake

I’ve never been one to find my “signature” scent, but I’m known for loving smells that are warm, spicy, and inviting. Anything with hints of vanilla, baked goods, or musk is what I love, pretty much, everything to smell like, including my household. And fall time brings out the best! So it’s a goal to stock up before the season ends.

Utilize my camera.

I purchased myself a Nikon camera as a graduation present, and I haven’t taken the opportunity to learn how to fully work it. With it being one of the most gorgeous times of the year, I think this will be my best chance at learning a new skill and taking some great photos.

Attend as many football games as possible.

It’s the season of my favorite sport, so I must take advantage. Go TOPS and Cincinnati Bengals!

Take advantage of the local farmers’ markets.

These past couple of months for me has been all about eating healthier and fresher, and what better what to get the freshest at your local providers? Cincinnati has the oldest, still-running market, and it’s a treasure I want to experience more while I’m still here.

Go to a pumpkin patch.

Though cliché, there’s nothing more exciting than going to a field of pumpkins during the cooler months. Though I’m still researching some in my current town, I will be making sure I visit the one located in my college town to stock up on their homemade breads and apple cider slushies. If you live in southern Kentucky, make sure you check out Jackson’s Orchard.

Catch up on the lately horrible flicks.

I always believe I’m one of those rare souls that love a good jumpy movie, even the bad ones. So many new scary movies are set to be released and I can’t wait to dive into them. There are obviously the classics too. Perfect for a cool night, or as a stay-at-home date!

Visit local Halloween attractions.

Every place has haunted houses and attractions, and I’m determined to visit mine. Cincinnati always provides some great ones like the U.S.S. Nightmare and King’s Island’s annual Fear Fest. Make sure you see what your town has coming!

I hope y’all enjoyed Lexxie’s fall bucket list. Go out and enjoy the most beautiful season of the year!

Stay Sparkly,


11 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List – Lexxie Beckmeyer

  1. I share so many of the same fall bucket list items. I love hiking in the fall, can never have enough sweaters and adore all things Halloween. Good luck completing your fall bucket list Samantha!


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