5 Reasons Your Usual Starbucks Tastes Much Better in a #RedCup

The geniuses behind Starbucks’s fantastic marketing strategy released the 2015 red cups yesterday, and have managed to once again take America by storm. Every year since 1997, Starbucks has released a uniquely designed holiday cup that becomes available on November 1st each year. The craze behind the red cups is second only to America’s PSL obsession. Coffee (or frappe) lovers across the nation rejoice when the red cups become available, as this not only marks the start of the holiday season, but also signals the return of some of the best seasonal flavors.

  • It’s Coffee Weather

I don’t think anyone can deny that lattes, espresso, and mochas taste much better when the temperature dips below forty. Cold weather allows coffee to serve as more than the perfect subject of your snapchat story, it now serves a functional purpose.

  • You Feel Festive

Nothing screams holiday more than shopping and checking off items on your to-do list while toting a latte in a red cup.  Just seeing hundreds of red cups in the hands of shoppers makes me feel jolly.

  • You Can Enjoy Your Drink (mostly) Guilt Free

The holiday season is when most tend to toss the diet books and delete their fitness apps. While working hard to change your figure is awesome, I do believe there is something to be said for this time of year where you can just let yourself relax and indulge.

  • You Need The Caffeine

The reason many people fall off their health bandwagons during the holiday is because everyone is busy, busy, busy (the amount of pies, cookies, and cakes available may also have something to do with it!) There’s holiday parties to attend, cookies to bake, and presents to wrap. The holiday whirlwind is the perfect excuse to allow yourself to enjoy a reasonable (or a much too large) amount of caffeine.

  • It Makes You Feel ALL The Holiday Feels

Walking outside into the crisp air, while sipping a peppermint mocha just SCREAMS holiday!! Enjoy some Starbucks this season and I guarantee you’ll be humming the tune to “Jingle Bell Rock” all day long.

We’re all at the starting line of a marathon holiday season; it’s time to sit back with your Starbucks and enjoy the ride.

Stay Sparkly,


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