7 Things to Enjoy This Holiday Season

The holiday season often goes by in a blur. It isn’t uncommon to find yourself on December 26th wondering where it all went. I love everything about Christmas, but there are a few special things that often go overlooked. As you go through the rest of this month, be sure to take a minute and appreciate these seven things.

  • The Gift of Giving

Giving is one of the most rewarding things in this world. Seeing the joy on the faces of others is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

  • Christmas Cookies

There is just something so fun and festive about decorating Christmas cookies and feeling absolutely no guilt eating one…… or ten.

  • Quality Time With Friends and Family

Christmas is one of the best times of year to spend time with loved ones. The holiday brings people together in such a special way.

  • Ugly Sweaters

This is the one month a year that it is completely and totally acceptable to wear the tackiest sweater you can find. I absolutely love hunting for crazy Christmas sweaters.

  • Hot Chocolate

There isn’t much that is better than hot chocolate on a cold winter day. You can make your hot cocoa extra festive with marshmallows and candy cane bits on top.

  • Christmas Movies (Elf is one of my favorites!)

I love curling up by the fire to watch my favorite Christmas movies. From Elf to Santa Clause, I absolutely adore them all.

  • Traditions

There is just something about the novelty of family traditions, and however corny they may be they’re still special. The holiday season makes it perfectly acceptable to do anything corny or silly in the name of Christmas.

Be sure to embrace these small things, and make the most of this holiday season!

Stay Sparkly,


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