11 Times Beauty is Definitely Pain

As far as being a girl goes, experiencing pain in the name of beauty is practically a right of passage.

  1. Getting your eyebrows waxed
  2. Poking your eyeball with the mascara wand
  3. Burning your neck with a curling iron
  4. Pounding headaches from too tight updos
  5. Pulling your eyelashes out with an eyelash curler
  6. Wearing heels for hours on end
  7. Squats… enough said
  8. Cutting yourself shaving
  9. Dying of heat stroke when blow drying your hair
  10. Getting mascara all over the eyeshadow that you spent thirty minutes blending (okay this one isn’t actually physically painful, it’s worse)
  11. Wearing huge earrings all night

As much as girls (myself DEF included) like to complain about these things, there’s not a chance that I’ll stop doing any of them anytime soon.


Stay Sparkly,


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